Dress Code

At Ignite Ballroom & Latin, we encourage dancers of all ages to embrace the elegance and joy of ballroom and Latin dancing. To ensure a safe, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing environment for everyone, we have established the following dress code:

General Guidelines:

1.Clean and Well-Fitted Attire: All dancers are expected to wear clean and well-fitted dancewear that allows for freedom of movement. Baggy or oversized clothing that may impede movement should be avoided.

2. Appropriate Coverage: Attire should provide appropriate coverage to ensure dancers feel comfortable and confident during their classes or performances.

3. Shoes: Proper dance shoes are required for ballroom and Latin dance styles. Street shoes, sneakers, or high heels with rubber soles are not allowed on the dance floor. 

Specific Dress Code for Ballroom Dance:

1. Ballroom Dresses (for Ladies):

   - Ladies are encouraged to wear elegant ballroom dresses or skirts with matching tops. Dresses should not be too revealing or excessively tight.

2. Ballroom Attire (for Gentlemen):

   - Gentlemen are expected to wear dress pants with a collared dress shirt or a dance vest. Ties or bowties are optional.

3. Ballroom Dance Shoes (for All):

   - Ladies should wear closed-toe dance shoes with a medium or high heel for better support and movement.

   - Gentlemen should wear closed-toe dance shoes with a low heel or Cuban heel for stability.

Specific Dress Code for Latin Dance:

1. Latin Dresses (for Ladies):

   - Ladies may wear Latin dance dresses with fringes, embellishments, or ruffles that accentuate the movement of the dance. Dresses should be tasteful and appropriate for the age group.

2. Latin Attire (for Gentlemen):

   - Gentlemen are encouraged to wear fitted Latin dance shirts with dress pants. Alternatively, they can wear dance vests with a matching shirt.

3. Latin Dance Shoes (for All):

   - Ladies should wear Latin dance shoes with a flexible sole and a higher heel for enhanced movement.

   - Gentlemen should wear Latin dance shoes with a Cuban heel for ease of movement.

Additional Notes:

- Hair should be neatly styled and secured away from the face to avoid distractions during dancing.

- Jewelry should be kept to a minimum to prevent any accidents or injuries while dancing.

- Dancers are encouraged to bring a cover-up, such as a dance wrap or warm-up attire, to stay warm during breaks or cool-downs.

Guidelines for Children:

- Parents are requested to ensure that their children's dancewear adheres to the dress code guidelines mentioned above.

- For safety purposes, younger dancers should wear appropriate dance shoes with closed toes and secured ankle straps.

We believe that adhering to this dress code will enhance the dancing experience for both adults and children, as well as contribute to a more unified and visually appealing dance community. At Ignite Ballroom & Latin, we encourage self-expression through dance while maintaining an atmosphere of respect and professionalism.