Behavior Policy  

At Ignite Ballroom & Latin, we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where both children and adults can enjoy the art of dance. To ensure a positive experience for everyone, we have established the following behavior policy:

1. Respect and Kindness:

   - Treat all fellow dancers, instructors, staff, and visitors with respect and kindness.

   - Use appropriate language and avoid offensive or hurtful remarks.

2.Listening and Following Instructions:

   - Pay attention to instructors during classes and follow their directions promptly and attentively.

   - Avoid disruptive behavior that may distract others during sessions.

3. Punctuality

   - Arrive on time for classes and events to avoid disrupting ongoing activities.

   - If you arrive late, wait for an appropriate moment to join the class.

4. Appropriate Dress Code:

   - Follow the studio's dress code guidelines to ensure a safe and comfortable dance experience for everyone.

5. Hygiene:

   - Maintain good personal hygiene, including wearing clean dance attire and using deodorant.

   - Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated during classes.

6. Studio Property and Safety:

   - Take care of the studio's property and equipment.

   - Report any safety concerns or accidents to the staff immediately.

7. Parental Supervision for Young Dancers:

   - Children under 12 years of age must remain inside the dance studio until a parent or guardian arrives to pick him/her up.

8. Mobile Devices:

   - Keep mobile phones and electronic devices on silent mode during classes to minimize distractions.

   -Children must leave phones in the waiting area during class. No phones on the dance floor.

   - Avoid using phones during class unless required for emergency purposes.

9. Food and Beverages:

   - No food is allowed in the dance studio. Only water is permitted in a closed container.

10. No Bullying or Harassment:

    - Bullying, harassment, or any form of harmful behavior will not be tolerated. If you witness or experience such behavior, report it to the studio management immediately.

11. Handling Conflicts:

    - In case of disagreements or conflicts, communicate respectfully and resolve issues in a constructive manner with the guidance of the studio staff.

12. Feedback and Suggestions:

    - Share feedback and suggestions for improvement with the studio management, fostering open communication for a better dance experience.

13. Respect Studio Boundaries:

    - Certain areas of the studio may be designated for specific purposes. Respect these boundaries to ensure a smooth and organized environment.

14. Adult Interaction with Children:

    - Adults should maintain appropriate boundaries and avoid unsolicited physical contact with children other than their own.

17. Privacy:

    - Please do not record or photograph instructors, students or other persons without specified permission.

18. Compliance with Studio Policies:

    - All dancers, parents, and visitors must comply with the studio's policies and guidelines at all times.

At Ignite Ballroom & Latin, we believe that adhering to these behavior policies will help create a safe, enjoyable, and enriching dance experience for everyone involved. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in disciplinary actions, including temporary or permanent suspension from classes or events. Together, let's cultivate a positive and nurturing dance community for children and adults alike.